Torzi Matthews Schist Rock Shiraz 2009 “incredible mouthful … minuscule price.”

Torzi Matthews Schist Rock Shiraz 2009 is gaining excellent reviews.  This recently from The Independent Weekly:   “Apart from the intensity of flavour one usually expects of grand Eden Valley fruit, this wine displays an extra layer of syrupy slurpable, as if some of it were made by the old Italian amarone technique, using dried grapes. it certainly delivers an incredible mouthful for this minuscule price. There’s a little mint, a sullen well of prune and mulberry essence, and then, exactly where you would expect it, a bedrock basement of bone – dry glittering schist, neatly balancing an anchoring all those squishy bits. If this (the Torzi Matthews Schist Rock Shiraz 2009) came from Verona in a posh Italian bottle it would cost you $80 – $90″  Phillip White, The Independent Weekly.