Teusner Joshua GMS 2013 rated 93 points by Jeremy Pringle

Teusner Joshua Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2013 is newly arrived into our warehouse and is attracting lots of rave reviews.   Like this one by Jeremy Pringle of Wine Will Eat Itself … “Has rapidly become one of the releases I look forward to the most each year. I don’t rate this as highly as the superb 2012 expression but it is still very good drinking. Unoaked and unfettered. As much blueberries and plums as red fruits. Savoury earthen characters, florals, black spice and iron. Has a wiry and sinuous presence underneath the fruit flavour even though it isn’t a particularly structured wine. A slip of delightfully textured grape tannin to close. Not the same length as its predecessor. Happy times though. 93 Points.”