Longhop Shiraz 2009 a “soulful red” and 92 points.

Longhop Shiraz 2009 is beautifully described in this cracking review:   “The determined Dominic Torzi and his mate Tim Freeland manage here to make a soulful red with all the comforting plum pudding richness which made our Shiraz popular to a world whose critics suddenly despise this character.  But it also has a savoury, dry stony base, which by all rights and means should reverse their disdain. The Longhop Shiraz 2009 has the thick texture which makes the amarone dried fruit styles distinctive, but counterpoints that with beautiful acidity and the sort of terroir-sourced schist rock/sandstone tannins which cannot fail to make the drinker yearn for warm antipasto, tapas, mezes, or big field mushrooms, root veg and dribbling steak. Rated 92 points.”   Philip White – Adelaide Review