Coates Wines .. “a breathe of fresh air .. superbly crafted”

We’ve been big fans of Duan Coates wines for many years and its fantastic to see him receive international recognition … like in this quote Lisa Perrotti-Brown from leading international site … ‘Though Aussie born and bred, Duane Coates draws from his winemaking experiences in the Rhône, Burgundy and Douro, developing well-balanced, individually-styled wines using his eye for great fruit and sites around South Australia. These wines really stood out… a breath of fresh air in this area where a lot of producers seem to be following the herd down that incredibly ripe and sometimes over-ripe path that has caused not a few producers to come unstuck in heat-wave and drought conditions. These are superbly-crafted, well-priced wines that are wholeheartedly recommended’. — Lisa Perrotti-Brown,