We know and love semillon sauvignon blanc and cabernet merlot which are a blend of different grape varieties.   Aussie winemakers also blend wines of the same grape very successfully. For example, if making sauvignon blanc: at harvest, grapes from up to 15 ( or more) different vineyards (each with different flavours) are picked and fermented separately. These different wines are blended in the lab to give us a delicious drink Рcomplex and consistent year in year out.

Occasionally, I need to do the hard yards and get away from the office here at The Vine Press and take my taste buds on the road. I am  recently back from exploration of the Great Southern area in Western Australia, including Mount Barker, Albany, Denmark, Pemberton and Margaret River..Spectacular wines, coastline, hardwood forests and plenty of fine Semillon Sauvignon blanc and Cabernet Merlot blends available now in our on-line store!   Rhys.