picardy pinot takes on burgundy

The Pannell family from Picardy Wines in Pemberton WA bring a strong Burgundian direction to their wines.  Bill Pannell refers to this article from Huon Hooke back in 99 in Australian Gourmet Traveller to illustrate this motivation at Picardy:

“it puzzles many people why Australian pinot noirs are so different from the red wines of Burgundy, home of pinot noir. Often, one is pitted against the other in blind tastings, where inexperienced tasters rate good burgundy lower than some of the highly regarded Australian pinots. The up-front fruity charm of the Aussies, more accessible in their youth, seduces these tasters and they down point the burgundies for being closed, tannic, or apparently lacking fruit, In fact, most fine burgundy is made to be drunk later rather than sooner, and has quite different structure. It is more tightly wound, tannic and firm, and its charm takes time to reveal itself. It ages much longer than the Australian equivalent, evolving into a wondrously complex drink. While a good grand cru is hitting its peak at say, 20 years, Australian pinots have long since collapsed.”

The Vine Press in Sydney are currently stocking the fine Picardy Pinot Noir 06 for $38.99.