Graillot Syrah 2010 – “elegance, purity and precision” says The Wine Front

Graillot Syrah 2010 is a collaboration between Bibendum importer, Robert Walters and Alain, one of France’s most respected wine growers from the leading Domaine in Croze Hermitage.   Alain and Robert were very attracted by the idea of coming together to produce a sophisticated, restrained and linear expression of Australian Syrah from what they  felt was a “special piece of dirt” in Heathcote Victoria.  It has had some seriously good raves … like this one…  95 points Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front … “Elegance, purity and precision are the traits both men both desire and elevate; power is secondary to these considerations … as it unfurls, it draws you thoroughly in.  Dryness, tension, gristles of spice, seeds, smoke and herbs.  All these savoury notes come wrapped in boysenberried fruit flavour, though as you can probably tell – this wine does not live in a fruit-driven house. It’s all the things it wants to be: elegant, tremendously fine, unimpressed by the mainstream. Every time I put it in my mouth I could see long sharp lines in my mind, like a sketch. It’s all angles and lines, as opposed to a big rubber stamp of ink-filled flavour. It is what it is and uncompromisingly so, but it does not force its point of view. It’s a quiet but insistent syrah. It’ll either be your thing, or it won’t be.”