drink red wine and live longer the latest medical research on resveratrol contained in red wine

Drink Red wine and Live Longer? Plenty of research is being done about resveratrol, a polyphenol/antioxidant molecule present in the skins of grapes. In fact, it is part of the grapevines immune system-mobilized to fight moulds/insects. Resvertrol is absorbed into red wine during fermentation from skin contact.

David Sinclair, an Australian doctor at Department of pathology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachussetts has done extensive research on this topic. Tests on mice have revealed Resvetrol  increases longevity, enhances endurance, limits damage caused by a stroke, improves cardiovascular health, provides better lung function and reduces the growth of skin melanomas. He says: “Resveratrol is the only compound known that has extended the life span of every organism that has taken it”.  He says red wine is the only good source.   Blue berries, cranberries and grape juice have small amounts.

There is still plenty of contention about whether wine drinkers benefit from Resveratrol because the tests and levels of Resveratrol administered to mice would require hundreds/thousands of glasses a day.

Vines in cold climates synthesize a lot more Resveratrol to combat higher incidence/risk of moulds/fungus.   Hence red wines from cold climates contain greater levels of Resveratrol. The question as to whether we should all be drinking Tasmanian Pinot Noir will be canvassed over the next few months.